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There is an easy way to give your home and business a fresh makeover, cleaning your carpets and rugs.  At Clean-All our top notch carpet cleaning service eliminates tough stains, pet hair and odors.
Cleaning your carpets in your home makes it  healthier by removing allergens that get trapped in your carpets.

"Steve is a professionally trained and fully insured carpet cleaning technician that uses the latest technology to give your carpets and rugs a deep down clean. You will receive superior service at competitive prices.

We use a truck mounted Hot steam extraction system.  We will either use a carpet wand or a RX rotary .  We will prespray your carpet to loosen the soil, then clean with one of the before mentioned tools. We also use the latest products for the cleaning chemicals. 

We can also use a bonnet buffing system, which may be used on certain kinds of carpets.  This system cleans the surface of the carpet and is not a deep cleaning system.  This is used on short nap carpets, in large commercial area's .

We use Scotchgard as our preferred furniture and carpet protectant.  This product will extend and protect the life of your valuable investment.

1.If you want to receive a free estimate we would come to your home and discuss the process with     you and at that time provide you with a cost.
2. You may also call the office with the square footage for an estimate.
3. Preparing your room for cleaning:
   Remove fragile and valuable items in the rooms; small furniture, lamps and vacuum the carpet.
  (If you want us to move furniture there is a cost.)
4. Let the technician know of any concerns, point out any stains and what they are if you know.  After carpet is cleaned you may want to consider applying Scotchgard to protect your investment. At least you should consider the entry, halls and walkways.

Drying time:
In the winter 10-12 hours using a fan to move the air around if possible will reduce the drying time.
In the Summer appx. 4-6 hours, again using a fan reduces the time of drying.

Call our office to schedule an appointment! 541-386-5773

You may also e-mail us to schedule, tedene@embarqmail.com